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Lancia Aprilia Related Publications.

An ever growing selection of Aprilia 1st series road tests, manuals and articles I have found or have been generously given. Click on the image to download a pdf file of each. If anyone has something they’d like to contribute please contact me at

For a greater resource get the three CD’s on Aprilias from Huib Geurink through his web site. Huib has done an excellent job of scanning all the parts and operator manuals plus there are many brochures and press articles.

Instruction & Parts Manual

1937 1st series - Italian.

Early models.

Instruction & Parts Manual - Italian.

Later 1st series cars 3001 on

1st series English instruction book

The Light Car. December 1937

The Autocar. June 1937

Motor Sport. June 1938

The Motor. July 1937

The Motor Trader.1938

LMC Journal Spring 1969

Edition for the Aprilia.

Some 1st series cars have these rear shock absorbers fitted

1070 has a Zenith 36VI-2 carburettor.

From “The Modern Motor Engineer” 1938

Lancia pages from 1959 SKF bearing catalogue.

Two handy Lancia UK data sheets on engine tolerances.

Courtesy Gerald Batt.

Gearbox bearing chart, with modern equivalents. Courtesy of Mark Sellick

A Shields Motors advertisement from the Argus newspaper of 30th November,1937.  Reprinted with permission of the National Library of Australia with thanks

Early 1st series bearing list.

2nd series RIV catalogue.

Thanks to Simon Ingman.