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First Series Model Changes.

As we all know there were two series of Aprilias, 1st & 2nd, with major changes between them. However, there were constant changes to the first series model over it’s two & half year production run.

What I have attempted to do here is document those changes using the original 1937 manual and parts book, and the later 1st series manual published in 1952. If you look at the pages on the later manual some of the TAVs have a set of numbers at the top that refer to the construction number for both the berlina and the platform chassis; montato a portire dalla scocca n. xxx e dal telaio n xxxx The scocca is the berlina number and telaio is the chassis number. There is also further reference to the various changes in the description section.

Please note the construction number is NOT the chassis number, but the number, on 1st series cars, normally found between the bonnet latches on the drivers side. Engine changes refer to the engine number. So far I have only looked at the changes on 1st series Berlinas, platform chassis and 2nd series models are a whole different kettle of fish.

As well as the parts where the changes are listed I’ve also found a lot of parts where the part number has changed between early and later models, normally an ‘a’ or other suffix has been added. Whether this means the parts have changed I’m not sure, but would guess it has!

Finally I’ve done my best to translate the part descriptions from Italian to English but I urge you to have a copy of the manual with you when you read through the lists, they are in no way complete or accurate. All feed back is more than welcome.

A summary of the instruction & parts books published on the 1st series.

1. 1937.                     First edition. Separate editions in Italian & French.

2. July 1939.              Covers from construction number 1756, in Italian.

3. December 1952.    Reprint of the 1939 edition.

If anyone knows of others please let me know.

Engine changes:

Mechanical changes:

Body changes: