Almost too much work to describe. I’ve run out of photos that show this stage of the restoration. The engine is in, the interior re-furbishing is underway, more wiring fitted etc. etc.




26 February 1993

Aprilia Restoration Note - 17

     -     Rust is the enemy -

John Goulstone:

Sunday 31st January 1993

1 hour

With J. Charles unload parts for Lancia and inspect. Obvious parts outstanding, headlamp rims and glass, steering wheel, exhaust section.

Monday 1st February 1993

10 hours

Cut out material to replace defective headliner. Mark out suspender positions and remove old suspender hoops from original headliner. Trim up edges and stitch original hoops to new material. Keep trying into ‘rat traps’ in steel roof panel for correct tension.

Tuesday 2nd February 1993

10 hours

Offer up adjacent soft trim to headliner to indicate material cut lines. Trim off excess, hook rear loop into rat traps and glue material and roof strainer, press together and fold rat trap barbs to secure. Continue with remaining 3 hoops until front to rear tension is correct. Apply adhesive to front rail and corresponding area on material. Carry out the same procedure to rear windows using front cast cross rail cover as a guide, fix front of headliner to roof rail ensuring correct tension to remove front to rear ‘rucks’, carry out same procedure to rear window area.

Wednesday 3rd February 1993

10 hours

Remove front cross rail and front of both .... rail trims. Take front screen and remove old sealer etc. Using predetermined rubber screen U section, cut to length and  fit to screen perimeter, glue tips and join. Clean off soft soap residue and finally string in. Using front screen moulding as template, drill and csk and tap 6 x 3BA for fixings, seal and fix. Fit front screen and cross rail locating panels, top and bottom, try in side panels and remove for painting same time as dash. Choose dash rear seating rubber.

Thursday 4th February 1993

10 hours

Measure check plate aluminium sheet for near side sill kick plate. Cut out of sheet and form top edge of sill, mark cut line on outer edge determined by line of inner lower edge of door shells, allowing extra cut to accommodate furflex piping. Trim off excess and try to panel. Mark cut out for lower door strikers. Mark inner edges to match panelling and allow platform for nearside outer seat runner. Cut excess and fold in returns to match front and rear footwells. Mark fixing holes equidistant and drill & CSK for stainless screws. Cut furflex and slip under outer edge of kickplate and screw down tight. Check alignment again to doors when closed. Remove nearside doors lower strikers.

Friday 5th February 1993

10 hours

Run strikers over flat bed sander to remove rust pits and generally tidy up edges. Mask out tapers and brush remainder with red oxide. Take seat runners and clean all areas to bright steel, mask out. Take near side wing and rub down primer until smooth and irregularities removed. Carry out the same procedure to the other wing panels, both headlamp bowls and top mountings, both semaphore cores and boot lid. Hang panels and blow dust from all areas and cavities.

Monday 8th February 1993

8 hours

Wash all areas of prepared panels and dry. Tack off dust on areas to be coated. Wet floor to inhibit dust suspension and multi-coat outer surfaces of four wing panels and both sides of remaining items. Spray both door strikers. While paint drying, take offside bonnet top and rub down for future spraying. Check sprayed panels and see if they are suitable coated for future light flatting and a further two light thin coats to simulate a cellulose finish.

Wednesday 10th February 1993

4 hours

Assist A. Linscott and N. Gruitt with their respective re-fit duties including routing of wiring loom from rear to front along propshaft tunnel and directing Nick with matching the previously fabricated nearside kick plate with the opposite side. Collect all relevant path for the above procedures from storage and lay out on bench. Alter depth of fuel tank to allow sensor to fit snugly on top of tank and slightly alter aperture.

Friday 12th February 1993

10 hours

Speak to J. Charles i.e. engine fitment and missing parts. He has located exhaust downpipe. With engine and gearbox now in situ (by A. Linscott) design rear gearbox support bracket which was missing. Make up 1 mounting bolt with threaded tube and stop to match original, cut from block rubber section to match original base mounting. Drill two holes, measure sheet steel and cut out sections to fabricate bracket with 3 trap-nuts, weld together and clean down. Red oxide and make 3 aluminium washers

Tuesday 23rd February 1993

7 hours

Rub down and paint gearbox support bracket in black. Allow to dry and fit all sections. Cut out new rubber weather strips and join ends. Fit to both rear windows and string into positions. Using structural sealer, fix outer corners and run bead of screen sealer around both perimeters on exterior, clean off excess. Assist N. Gruitt with entering osr door glass into door shell. Measure and find fittings for fuel pump to carburettor. New pipe needs making. Order pipe.

Wednesday 24th February 1993

10 hours

Clean wind deflectors on remaining 3 doors. Take 6 aluminium window frame mouldings and sand out old marks etc. Rub down with fine abrasive paper and polish with compound. Fit outer mouldings into place and slot in wind deflectors. Seal lower edges to prevent ‘chattering’. Fit remaining interior frame mouldings. Work out parts needed to replace drivers door exterior lock that was missing originally before at B.S.R.

Thursday 25th February 1993

8 hours

Try and locate exterior door lock by phone, will have to visit locksmiths to see what is available, also for ignition key. Work out method of making gearstick gaiter and seal. Cut out black leather sections and lace. Cut out section of double duck. Run parts together on machine trimming in process. Keep trying to car to until exact fit is attained. Assist A. Linscott with drive-train fittings. Speedo cable missing.

Friday 26th February 1993

5 hours

Continue with propshaft fittings and modifications. Clean radiator and fittings. Locate fixing bolts and rubber mountings. Drop radiator into position and adjust mounting arms.

A G Auto Electrical & Restoration Services.

11th February 1993

9.5 hours

Hunt through boxes and find all the parts possible belonging to spring loaded engine mountings. Thoroughly clean all parts. Make parts that are missing, then braise all parts back together that were originally crimped or spot welded. Polish up on wire wheel and fit. Assist John to remove clutch to make sure clutch had not rusted to flywheel due to standing. Refit gearbox and lower engine and gearbox into car. Align engine mountings and get bolts in. Work out and hunt for as many of engine linkages as possible.

10th February 1993

9.5 hours

Work out suitable route for fuel gauge wiring as cable has been shortened. Fit fuel sensor in tank and proceed to clip up wiring. Fit in main front to rear loom section and work a tidy route for loom in engine bay. Sort out as many parts as possible belonging to prop-shaft so as to try and work out fitting, Fit cover over fuel tank access hole in boot.

12th February 1993

9.5 hours

Assess engine linkage parts and try to sort out. Remove manifold and carburettor, fabricate up guides for cable operated starter, cable adjust and test. Remove old lawn mower control from under side of dash panel. Refit manifold and carburettor.

15th February 1993

9.5 hours

Remove accelerator pedal and arm and clean. Heat up and bend so as arm does not touch brake pipe. Assemble what parts there are and take measurements to adjust linkage so as it can work, as it was only 3/4 throttle was possible without undue pressure on pedal. Heat up braised end of linkage and separate. Clean up end and re-braise in correct position. Make up extension to go on car throttle arm for a throttle return spring. (Safety measure as original the engine would race uncontrolled if throttle linkage broke). Also make up bracket for spring to work against. Fit and adjust.

16th February 1993

9 hours

Try to free clevis pin holding handbrake lever on rear drum back plate, but insufficient room. Remove drive shafts nuts for extension pieces and brake drums. Remove brake shoe assemblies. Remove linkage for handbrake so as to make it possible to remove trapped hand brake lever. Fit up lever and linkage with shoes and make assessment of travel. Remove linkage and reset to improve efficiently of linkage operation. Reassemble brakes and drive shafts etc. Connect up clutch linkage.

NOTE. Possible problems with drive shafts and semi-ecliptic spring.

Nick Gruitt

Wednesday 10th February 1993

7.5 hours

Cut material for r/h door step and mark position. Dismantle r/h lower door catches and clean to bright metal, reassemble. Set catches on sill step area. Make packing from brass to adjust catches to suit door closure. Remove both r/h front and rear door locks and rods.

Friday 12th February 1993

Remove r/h front door handle. Working on door handles, cut door front handle working surface to suit action and refit ball end. Clean to bright metal both handles. Reassemble rear door mechanism, cut down threads for assembly. Clean to bright metal rear door bracket e.... and spring, fit to door, offer handle into place.

Tuesday 16th February 1993

2.5 hours

Working on r/h rear door handle, remove and drill and tap ball end to new position. Reposition handle with stop adjusted to suit rest position, grease all moving parts.

Wednesday 17th February 1993

8 hours

Remove r/h front door handle and cast bracket. Make drill and tap into position handle rest stop. Reassemble bracket and handle. Make from washer handle spacer to reduce movement. Remove all door mechanical mechanisms and rods, glass and winder.

Thursday 18th February 1993

8.5 hours

On door catch mechanism cut material and weld on extension piece to build up actuation lever, file back to shape. Wash catch mechanism and refit to door with all other parts, reset action etc. Refit glass and winder grease all parts. Clean up and fit top catch plates and adjust as required. Make template for sill tread plate.

Friday 19th February 1993

7 hours

Cut outer edge of tread plate to suit template offer to sill and fine trim. Drill plate into position. Mark and trim outer edges. Flange edges to suit floor. Clean up edges cut. Refit with furflex into position. Wash to clean r/h rear door winding mechanism. Cut new threads for ...... Tidy work area and vehicle.

23rd February 1993

6.5 hours

On r/h rear door, cleanup window winder glass and insert into door. Grease winding mechanism and offer into place. Cut to length and fit slide guide. Complete fitting for correct opening and closing. Clean off rust and weld build on drive seat frame, re-weld to repair frame. Commence fitting of seat to vehicle.

24th February 1993

8.5 hours

Remove drivers seat to bench, set runners parallel. Make up cross brace strips, clamp and weld into place. Offer seat into place and try action. Remove seat and adjust lever to suit. On l/h front seat, continue with operation as on drive seat. Clean up seat bases to bright metal for painting.

25th February 1993

8.5 hours

Coat seat base frames with red oxide primer and allow to dry. Inside vehicle remove floor runners and hole adjusting slots. Fit body bolts to centre runner rack. Mark out for trimming tread plates, remove and trim to size  and bend flanges, weld split edges etc. and clean up. Refit plates with furflex. Refit runners. Paint seat frames with satin black finish.

26th February 1993

7.5 hours

Measure mark out and cut plate for boot floor cover, make .... plate and weld to cover round corners and edges etc. paint with red oxide primer, allow to dry and paint satin black. Measure and mark out gearbox cover plate out to size round corners and drill and fit into position. Working on front seats glue and recover base frames with existing cloth.

Invoice 31st January 1993 to 26th February 1993


256 hrs @ £18 per hour      256 hrs   £4608.00

MATERIALS                         £734.44


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