Two months of work in this invoice, 224 hours. Mostly spent on body preparation and painting.

We only have three months left and Anthony has now spent £49,756.

An interesting order this month was for some replica hub caps from Michael Newberry, see letter below.

And for those observant ones that have picked up my headlamp shell top trim pieces are not chrome plated see 28th Jan 1993 entry!




25 January 1993

Aprilia Restoration Note - 16

     -     Rust is the enemy -

John Goulstone:

Monday 30th November 1992

9 hours

Wash down main body and four door interior structural panels – tack off dust. Prepare for spraying. Mix etch primer and apply 2 coats allowing ten minutes ‘flash off’ between coats. Allow to completely cure for 1/2 an hour. Mix primmer filler and multi-coat with five full coats. Force dry with infra-red heaters.

Tuesday 1st December 1992

8 hours

Dismantle switches on centre dash console and bag securing nuts ready for chroming. Take bonnet hinge rolls and flatten out ridges marks etc. and generally align both sides – some distortion will take place at chromers. Move car from paint shop and hang loose panels on frames – including 4 doors, rear lamp shrouds, boot lid, semaphore cores.

Monday 7th December 1992

7 hours

Mount 4 door shells on frame. Blow out contaminates and wash down with solvent, dry off and tack off dust. Multi-coat with high build spray primer undercoat until required depth is achieved for future blocking down for colour.

Monday 21st December 1992

6 hours

Rub down o/s door apertures including sill, cant rail and front and rear pillars. Extend rubbing down beyond areas to be coated with paint locally. Fill with stopper minor undulations etc.

Tuesday 22nd December 1992

6 hours

Rub down door hinges, refer to fitting diagram and fit all eight cast hinges to door shells. Make adjustments to ensure correct fit.

Wednesday 6th January 1993

10 hours

Continue with rubbing down main body including engine bay louvers (hint need to be painted as same time as exterior) and outer louvers, cowl panel and front screen aperture.

Thursday 7th January 1993

10 hours

Continue rubbing down main body. Rub over nearside roof section and over rear pillar, rear n.s. windows aperture, nearside quarter panel to sill.

Friday 8th January 1993

10 hours

Continue with main body, complete same works as described for 7th January on opposite side of car.

Monday 11th January 1993

10 hours

Rub down rear of car body. Blow out dust through extractor and tidy up. Lay each door in turn on bench and rub down inner shell frames and then turn down and block down exterior skins.

Tuesday 12th January 1993

11 hours

Blow off dust on door shells, tack off and base spray door hinge areas, spray corresponding area on main body. Force dry and fit all four doors making adjustments until 4 doors fit body and have correct aperture tolerances. Check over body and stop in minor scratching, pits, etc.

Wednesday 13th January 1993

8 hours

Wash down main body and four doors with panel prep solvent, allow to dry. Tack off dust and particles. Wash workshop floor and chain earth to body to floor to earth out static. Spray 1 light holding coat of colour, allow to ‘flash off’ for 15 minutes. Spray 1 further full coat and force dry with infra-red heaters.

Thursday 14th January 1993

10 hours

Commence flatting (wet) of base colour and complete whole of car exterior in effect removing any final minor imperfections. Allow overnight curing.

Friday 15th January 1993

10 hours

Prepare exterior, mask window apertures and door gaps. Spray 1 1/2 coats of final colour coating and force dry. Take N.S.F. door fittings and wash out old oil, grease etc. and lay down, take note of rubbers, window channelling etc. needed for refit. Remove N.S.F. window winder channel from glass, fit new glazing rubber. Wash both bonnet lock mechanisms.

Monday 18th January 1993

12 hours

Remove masking from main body and blow out dust from interior. Fit hinge covers to all doors using chromed cup washers and CSK stainless screws. Tack off dust on all four wheel arches, boot interior and car interior and brush with semi-gloss black. Rub down dashboard panel to remove chips and rust. Brush both bonnet mechanisms with semi-gloss black. Clean N.S.F. window and polish both aperture mouldings. Polish N.S.F. door exterior handle.

Tuesday 19th January 1993

4 hours

Move seats & trims etc. to workshop and assess what cleaning procedures requires with A. Linscott. Assist Adrian with N.S.R. door fittings.

Thursday 21st January 1993

2 hours

Assist A. Linscott with window channel ‘A’ section steel fabrication and fitting. Take re-chromed instrument panel switches chrome nuts and clean out threads and fit to switches. Order new rubber and trim sections.

Monday 25th January 1993

8 hours

Move soft trim, seats etc. to loft and cover with cotton cloths. Inspect condition of material, decide that headliner is no good, order new material. Decide that remainder of trim will take fabric cleaner to remove stains and dirt. Remove front screen moulding from bracing card and clean off old sealer etc. Re-shape corners and rub down with fine paper to remove light scratching, polish. Try up to aperture and decide, when headliner is in position, to tap 6ba and use CSK screws instead of no.2 P.K.’s (Parker-Kalms)

Tuesday 26th January 1993

9 hours

Take bonnet sides and reset centre edges at hinge rolls. Try re-chromed bonnet hinge to ensure holes are all needed. O.K. Planish bonnet sections until nearly straight, but owing to light gauge of sheet used, too much crumpling and planishing will lead to more problems of swelling so decide to use thin coating of polyester stopper. Lay on stopper and block down, re lay and block until correct shape is attained. Leave insides.

Wednesday 27th January 1993

9 hours

Take both running boards and clean to bright metal. Touch in pitted areas with anti-corrosive red oxide and allow to dry. Rub down excess. Reshape both panels until all edges etc. are satisfactory. Lay polyester stopper on both panels. Take headlamp bowls and grind out rust pits, tough in pitted areas with red oxide and dry. Rub down running boards and hang ready for etch primer. Rub down excess oxide on headlamp bowls and stop in minor irregularities. Rub down and hang for paint.

Thursday 28th January 1993

9 hours

Prepare headlamp bowl top mouldings, remove rust pits and stop in. Rub down stopper and hang for painting. Wash down prepared panels and tack off dust. Spray 2 coats of etch with 15 minutes flash off time between coats. Multicoat with spray filler/primer 5 coats until correct film thickness is attained.

Friday 29th January 1993

10 hours

Measure up floor pan footwells and inner bulkhead for sound deadening felt. Cut from footwell pads and one lower inner bulkhead pad. Cut out accelerator pedal orifice and several other holes for cables and fittings. Lay pads in position ready for carpet stud cutaways corners later. Using concentrated fabric cleaner dab tar and stains on all areas affected on interior trims, seats etc. Allow several minutes for penetration on each item and then re-apply cleaner eventually making the whole area of item wet. Using light bristle scrubbing brush, gently rub all areas until stains are removed (this can only be guaranteed when cloth dries, so some stubborn stains may need further attention). Lay all trim sections on loft floor individually to dry. Carry out same task to floor carpet sections. Finally wipe excess water concentrate and dirt with damp clean cotton sheet, rinsing at regular intervals. Clean out engine bay.

Nick Gruitt:

18th December 1992

2.5 hours

Clear paint shop to work on loose panels with 120 grit paper sand over boot lid for pre-paint. Finish, jester over surfaces and wash over. Sand over r/h front wing and scotch over surfaces, wash over.

19th December 1992

7.5 hours

Sand over l/h front wing and scotch inner surfaces, wash over. Sand over both rear wings and scotch over surfaces. Hang all panels for painting, tack over. Mix etch primer and apply two coats. Mix filler primer and multi coat all panels. Clear up work areas and tools.

A G Auto Electrical & Restoration Services.

19th January 1993

8 hours

Start to make up nsf and rear doors. Cleaning rear door lock assemblies. Dismantle lock assemblies, thoroughly clean and re-assemble. Clean rear window winder assembly, clean, repair catches and adjust door then fit.

20th January 1993

7 hours

Fit door catches on nsr door and set up catches. Repair nsf catches, fit and set up. Fit nsr door handle assemblies and adjust. Fit up nsr window winder, channel and glass. Try, but actual lower rail on glass is too swollen with rust to be used and is causing winder to jam. Carefully remove lower rail from glass and start to make new rail.

21st January 1993

10 hours

Make up new rail for nsr door glass and fit to glass. Fit glass to door, grease up winder mechanism, fit and adjust fit of glass so as to run free in channel. Fit nsf door glass channel, fit nsf door handle assembly, note mounting is twisted, so make up packer so handle is true to door and does not touch paintwork, Fit interior door handle and remove mechanism and ant-rattle spring. Fit nsf door glass, winder mechanism and adjust up to run freely and true. Repair osf door catches, strip and clean lock mechanism, replace thread on lower rod.

22nd January 1993

9 hours

Fitting osf door handle, lock mechanism and catches, adjust lock mechanism to work in slightly different place due to interior damage to door frame in lock mounting position. Fit door glass, winder and channel, adjust up door glass. Repair osr door catches, dismantle and clean lock mechanism. Rebuild and fit into door. Note, not yet adjusted.

Invoice 30th November 1992 to 25th January 1993

Paint and materials                             £199.48

             “                                       £30.46

             “                                       £31.60

Fittings                                           £277.89

Winder channel                                  £37.50

Semi-gloss black                                 £36.00

Screen rubbers                                   £18.00

Hardware                                          £25.00

Abrasives & consumables                        £22.00

Chroming catch nuts & bonnet hinge     £35.00

Body protection compound (rubberised)       £49.00

Paint & body materials                         £230.00

224 hrs @ £18 per hour             £4032.00

MATERIALS                                      £992.31

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