Much body work this month. Note the entry about recovering the door hinges, what else went missing? Paignton Autobodies are still around, maybe I should contact them and see if anything is still there! I doubt it.

The bonnet latches are still going strong even if the paint work is a little worn.




29 November 1992

Aprilia Restoration Note - 15

     -     Rust is the enemy -

John Goulstone.

21st October 1992

7.0 hours

Sand off stopper and clean off roof, re-apply stopper to whole O.S. roof panel. Attend to undulations on roof centre brace and complete. Stop up rear roof window areas and down both pillars.

22nd October 1992

9.0 hours

Sand back edges of stopper on both rear pillars and blend in new stopper to reach both door apertures taking great care around style shapes and semaphore apertures. Sand down both sill cappings and lay ground coat of stopper in low areas. Prepare O.S.R. wing and clean to bare metal where tarnishing has occurred – coat with polyester stopper. Order stainless bonnet hinge pin – 5mm.

23rd October 1992

11.0 hours

Commence blocking down stopper areas working from roof O.S. through OSR wing, sill top O.S., OSF wing and front section of  N.S.F. wing. Fit N.S.F. wing and sand over to remove contaminates and bring to bright steel.

24th October 1992

12.0 hours

Make arrangements with J. Charles to visit Ashwell Farm to remove Lancia and Lagonda parts relevant to work for the near future. Visit Paignton Automobiles re. Door hinges still missing – no luck – chap dealing with Lancia was on holiday. Remove radiator from engine and secure fittings – some missing. Unbolt engine/gearbox unit from dynamometer and load carefully into estate car – block and wedge so not to move – load winder frames, rad shell, radiator door fittings etc. Return to Taunton – unload and check for transit damage. O.K.

NB. Ring Paignton Automobiles on Mondays re hinges, looked everywhere at Ashwell.

27th October 1992

3.0 hours

Move parts recovered from Ashwell to large flat bench and layout. Remove parts required for chromers from storage and lay out on bench. Remove badge from aluminium plinth. Dismantle all parts in bags and lay in trays for chromers. Inspect castings and all other parts and note improvements required prior to polishing i.e. filing rough casting and sharp corners to give ‘original’ look. Radiator shell will need lumping (sp?) and filing to remove dents and scars. Package located peak rail and pattern for screen to hood and both catches. Post to Herb Schofield.

28th October 1992

9.0 hours

Try up both rear lamp shrouds to rear wings and adjust edges to match panels. Remove and drill mounting holes. Strip paint from shrouds – grind out rust pits at lower edges. Braze new mounting stud on NS shroud. Clean back flux. Make up slave bonnet hinge pin and join both sections – try to car – remove. Fit double bonnet tape to landing at bonnet rear. Refit using original fr. and rear pin mountings.

29th October 1992

10.0 hours

Take bonnet mechanisms and catches etc. and clean down to bright metal all components. Part missing from NSR catch. Cut out metal and fabricate new pin block. Drill and tap threads. File fabrication marks and welds. Try up to bar – remove and modify catches & match bonnet sides – refit O.K. Align bonnet side to body making sure of clearance.

30th October 1992

10.0 hours

Measure up for bonnet rubbers, wing and running board piping and bonnet aperture edging rubber. Modify bonnet catch handle stops to make handles level with body when in closed position. Measure up for boot lid weatherstrip and choose appropriate section. Dismantle boot handle and clean. Grind out misuse marks in locking nut and flat and polish aluminium castings. Make up 2 boot lid hinge pins. Fit boot lid and handle – try for operation. O.K.

2nd November 1992

6.0 hours

Dismantle number plate lamp to rectify several defective components. Refit corner fixing stud to chrome bezel with 2 component structural adhesive so not to disturb plating. Cut new threads on fixing studs as corrosion has reduced diameter and supply with new plated fittings. Fabricate new rear blanking plate and cut to size – to be plated later. Assemble lamp (only thin perspex lower window to be made later) and fit to boot lid assuring nice fit with even gaps.

3rd November 1992

8.0 hours

Take 5 bonnet catch handles and start removing casting marks. Using small grinding wheel on engraver, shape and hit off marks until correct shape and finish is attained. Using files, remove grinding marks on all surfaces and level up ensuring style lines are straight and double curves correct. Carry out this work to 2 handles. Using increasingly finer abrasives, remove file marks until suitable finish is achieved appropriate for chroming. Make a start on 1 further handle.

4th November 1992

5.0 hours

Ring Paignton Autobodies – they have door hinges and plates and reluctantly say they will pass them to me. Make arrangement to pick them up Saturday before they change their minds. Try semaphore directional indicators – cappings missing – devise method of fabricating 2 new caps – cut with abrafile in 10 swg sheet aluminium, both semaphore apertures – cut out sections from sheet and trim to approximate size – grind radii at ends and file apertures to match units. Chamfer perimeter edges.

7th November 1992

4.0 hours

Collect hinges for Lancia doors from Paignton Autobodies and return to workshop.


28th October 1992

11 hours

Continue work on doors. Clean off winder apertures of front doors with sander and strip’n clean disc to bright metal, mix stopper and apply over areas. Reshape with 80 grit paper, re apply where required. Mix stopper and apply coat to front door panels, reshape with 80 grit paper. Continue work on rear doors.

29th October 1992

11 hours

Go over L/H rear door panel to remove surface rust and dirt etc. Mix filler and spread evenly over surface, sand back to shape with 40 grit paper. With dry sander clean back to bright metal both rear door window apertures, finish off with Strip’n Clean disc. Mix stopper and apply to surfaces. Reshape/sand back with 80 grit paper, re apply stopper where required.

30th October 1992

8 hours

Complete sanding on rear door front surfaces. With dry sander clean back to bright metal door shut and frame areas. L/H rear door. Mix filler and apply cover coat, sand back to shape. Mix and apply stopper and sand to shape. Clean back L/H rear door inside surfaces, mix and apply filler. Commence sanding to shape.

3rd November 1992

7.5 hours

Continue with inner surfaces of rear doors, mix and apply stopper, sand back to shape. Drill and file out to clean holes and cut out etc., clean off spilt stopper and store. With 80 grit sand off surfaces on front door inner surfaces to bright metal, finish off with Strip’n Clean disc.

4th November 1992

8.5 hours

Continue sanding over surfaces of front doors. Mix and apply filler to all surfaces. With 40 grit sand back to shape. Mix and apply stopper to all surfaces, with 80 grit paper sand back to shape. Drill and file out to clear holes and slots etc. Clean off spilt stopper on surfaces. Brush/clean out all doors.

12th November 1992

11 hours

With 80 grit discs, sand down to bare metal R/H sill, door shut aperture’s and part front louvre panel, complete with Strip’n Clean disc. Mix filler and apply coat to areas needed. Sand back to shape. Mix and apply stopper and sand back to complete surfaces. Dry sand with 80 grit L/H sill, door shut apertures and part front louver panel. Mix and apply filler. Sand down to shape. Mix and apply stopper and sand back to complete surfaces. Continue and apply stopper on rear panel surfaces and inner wing areas, sand to shape.

13th November 1992

7 hours

Continue work on rear panel areas to complete. With Strip’n Clean disc clean to bright metal boot aperture. Mix and apply stopper, sand back to shape. Sand and shape lower boot panel. Mix and apply filler/stopper to lower rear panel and sand to shape. Apply stopper to pits and scratches etc., and complete sanding. Dismantle bonnet catches, radiator shell, bonnet and front wings. With Strip’n Clean disc clean to bright metal left and right louvre panels. Generally tidy up.

Invoice 23rd October to 29th November

143 hrs @ £18 per hour    £2574.00

MATERIALS                  £300.14


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