After a gap of  five months with no work done on the car  (what happened here?) John Goulstone & Nick Gruitt spend 280 hours working on the body.




23 October 1992

Invoice 50

Aprilia Restoration Note - 14

     -     Rust is the enemy -

Invoice 50

7th September to 23rd October


Monday 21st September 1992.

2.0 hours.

Move car to paint shop area to be in readiness for preparation. Phone J.C. about some other parts for Lancia. Collect door regulators catches – will search for hinges at a later date.

Thursday 24th September 1992.

9.0 hours.

Using muleskinner, clean out rust pits and corners on roof and cant rail – also rear screens apertures – Wash off protective waxoil on bare steel and air off – repeat procedure until absolutely free of contaminates. Using rotary burr, remove sharp edges and weld heads until smooth.

Friday 25th September 1992.

10.0 hours.

Using 8” resinated discs, clean roof and de waxed areas down to centre of pillars to bright steel – run rotary wire brush in all corners and over edges and curves until whole of roof and supporting panels are bright steel. Multi coat prepared areas with activated etch primer to inhibit outbreaks of corrosion and key metal to substrates.

Monday 28th September 1992.

9.0 hours.

Using degreaser/carbon tetrachloride solvent, wash remainder of outer bodywork until protective waxoil coatings have been removed drying each section in process to remove contaminates. Commence restoring sheet steel to bright metal starting at nearside front along louvers to ‘A’ post area.

Tuesday 29th September 1992.

6.0 hours.

Trim off excess sheet metal on N.S.F. wing flange to allow neat fit and offer into place – carry out reworking to match wing mounting panel to repair sections of wing – drill flange to match mounting panel and fit wing.

Wednesday 30th September 1992.

10.0 hours.

Try up N.S. running board – mark for modifications for final aperture tolerances. Remove and trim up edges – refit and drill through mounting brackets of guard front edge through to wing – fit together with stainless hardware and fit remainder of running board body bolts. Offer up N.S.R. wing and rework repaired areas to match wing mounting panel.

Thursday 1st October 1992.

8.0 hours.

Continue with N.S.R wing fitment and match rear flange section to main body. Re-work rear end of running board and adjust mounting bracket. Remove road wheel and mount on axle stand and mark wing mounting holes for elongation at rear end and new drilling at front where new metal has been welded in to form front lower section.

Friday 2nd October 1992.

7.0 hours.

Commence alignment along body line of N.S.R. wing pulling rolled wired edge to be easy on the eye and balanced. Bump out larger dents particular around rear lower areas where some accident damage has previously occurred and planish to shape. Offer both N.S. doors into aperture to enclose body has not moved out of alignment since last trying them.

Monday 12th October 1992

10.0 hours

Flatten out undulations, hammer marks etc. with lapping file and dolly to N.S.R. wing until acceptable shape is attained. Commence filing exterior from front lower corner to just over centre.

Tuesday 13th October 1992.

6.0 hours

Continue with filing particular attention to outer double curves and edge working down to lower rear end and complete. Run sander over to smooth out file marks. Remove wing and weld splits at corners and sand down – file.

Wednesday 14th October 1992.

8.0 hours.

Plan out method of supporting rear of both front wings at joint with running boards Commence work on NS support brackets (as opposed to closing with panels as rust trap will be created). Cut and heat form main curve bracket – cut slot in front for wing brace and cut brace with angle. Fabricate 2 mounting lugs for sandwich joint and plate for rear end.

Thursday 15th October 1992.

10.0 hours.

Continue with NS bracket -  weld sections together in situ. Remove and grind down weld heads and sand to bright steel. Brush with red oxide. Weld wing stay bracket in place. Drill mounting holes and matching holes to body and bolt all units together – test – OK. In progress of fabricating NS bracket, double up with sections to form OS bracket.

Friday 16th October 1992.

10.0 hours.

Weld OS bracket together in place as described previously and finish with sander – red oxide. Remove NS running board and cut off moulding (nuts and studs corroded). Straighten moulding and file out usage marks – fine file and using gradually finer abrasives, rub out marks and scratches until final polishing to high polished aluminium. Using most of original studs, make up new set to refit to running board. Braze new threads on and sand down – test for fitting OK. Rub down inside of running board and red oxide.

Monday 19th October 1992.

10 hours.

Sand down side sections of N.S.F. wing panel – run air planisher over front section of wing where heat shrinking and new panels have distorted steel. Wipe sander over whole exterior of wing to remove red oxide and even up surface. Sand down wing interior and generally tidy up – rub down and re coat with red oxide. Remove wing. Sand down etch primer on NS section of wing and lay bed of stopper in low areas.

Tuesday 20th October 1992.

9.0 hours.

Hit high spots off stopper and lay skin on whole of N.S. roof -  rub over with flat bed sander to remove unsightly undulations – re apply stopper on minor areas and clean down. Run over with orbital sander with 80 grit paper. Sand down O.S. roof section and lay stopper on low areas. Brush off dust in car and refit wheels – lower car to ground ready for removal to paint shop for further stopper application.

Wednesday 21st October 1992.

7.0 hours

Sand off groundwork stopper and clean off roof, re apply stopper to whole O.S. roof panel. Attend to undulations on roof centre, brace and complete. Stop up rear roof window areas and down over both pillars.

Thursday 22nd October 1992.

9.0 hours

Sand back edges of stopper on both rear pillars and blend in new stopper to reach both door apertures taking great care around sill cappings and lay ground coat of stopper in low areas. Prepare O.S.R. wing and clean to bare metal where tarnishing has occurred – coat with polyester stopper. Order stainless bonnet hinge pin – 5mm.

Friday 23rd October 1992.

11.0 hours.

Commence blocking down stopper areas working from roof OS through OSR wing, fill top O.S., OSF wing and front section of N.S.F. wing. Fit N.S.R. wing and sand over to remove contaminates and bring to bright steel.


28th September 1992.

2 1/2 hours.

Prepare body shell for etch primer. With striper clean disc clean front louver panels to bright metal, continue to l/h bulk head and fill areas, wire brush out pitted areas, straighten l/h louvers as required.

29th September 1992.

9 1/2 hours.

Continue cleaning body shell to bright metal on R/H side. Straighten R/H louver panel and reset louvers. Wipe over panels with scotch bright. Panel wash. Mix etch primer and apply two coats. Continue cleaning with stripper clean discs and wire brush lower rear body areas and door apertures, wipe over with scotch bright and panel wash. Mix etch primmer and multi coat.

2nd October 1992.

7 hours.

Commence work on L/H front wing. Mallet and block frontal damage, heat shrink full areas (?). Hammer and spoon back to shape. Reshape front bolt on area. Hammer to shape edges and welded areas. File and planish all areas.

5th October 1992.

3 1/2 hours.

Continue work on L/H front with complete planishing and shaping. Weld splits and cracks and dress off. Chase inner flange to close gaps with louver panels.

6th October 1992.

8 1/2 hours.

Remove L/H front wing, complete welding of splits, cracks etc. and dress off. From 20g mild steel cut and make up outer edge stiffener. Set up wing on bench and form stiffener to suit contour, drill and spot weld into place, dress welds, refit wing to vehicle and straighten out heat distortion. Set R/H front wing on bench and grind back all welds flush. Hammer welds to shape.

7th October 1992.

8 1/2 hours.

Cut out rot area on inner flange and make up piece to fit, weld into place and dress off. Weld cracks splits on inner edge and hammer to shape. Remove road wheels and settle on axle stands. Fit r/h front wing, mark lower mtg hole positions remove and drill and ...? Re-shape lower flange to suit body shape. Re-fit wing. Chase inner edging into body panel to close gaps. Shape outer edging to give straight line. Commence filing & planishing etc.

8th October 1992.

7 1/2 hours.

Continue filing and planishing front r/h wing. Reshape lower section to suit body, and file and planish. Remove wing. Make edge strengthener and form to shape. Drill and spot weld into place. Reshape and repair front wheel flange, drill and slot mtg holes and refit wing. Weld and dress splits on wire edging.

12th October 1992.

4 1/2 hours.

Continue work on r/h front wing, cut out unwanted hole section and let in new material, weld and hammer shape. Heat shrink part section frontal radiator mtg area and hammer back to shape. File extreme edges to give even sweep. Fit into place running board, remove and adjust bracket to suit wing top.

13th October 1992.

11 hours.

Refit running board and mark through brackets to wing, remove and drill. Cut out split/corroded section and let in new piece, hammer into shape, refit. Grind weld on r/h rear wing and roughly hammer into shape, fit to wheel arch and adjust inner edging to suit body. Mark .... positions to flange. Remove wing and drill and slot holes. Weld splits and holes out, refit to vehicle. Commence hammering generally to shape and file and planish front section. Cut out unwanted holes and pitted area and cut and let in pieces, hammer and grind weld. Continue file and planish remainder of wing.

14th October 1992.

11 1/2 hours.

Complete planishing/filling remainder of r/h rear wing, remove from vehicle. Cut out small rear most section and let in new piece and adjust flange and lead over, file back to complete, weld further flange splits. Make up from mild steel two outer edge stiffeners, drill and spot weld into place (r/h wing). Refit wing to vehicle. With 40 grit grinding disc clean up over wing, finish off with 40 grit cta. Remove l/h rear wing to bench. Shape and drill ..... to suit, spot weld into place. Left wing .... clean off.

15th October 1992.

11 hours.

Remove r/h rear wing after reshaping rear most tip, weld split and re-lead. Clean back part rear wheel arch, cut out rot area and weld in piece made, grind welds clean to bright metal and lead load shape to suit. Clean back left side boot corner aperture and lead load, file to shape. Clean surfaces to paint. Mix etch primer and coat repaired parts. Remove l/h/ rear wing. With striper clean .... .... inner surfaces l/h/ rear wing, wire brush and ... over panel, wipe and paint with red oxide. Commence cleaning inside l/h/rear wing.

16th October 1992

9 hours.

Complete cleaning inside l/h rear wing and paint with red oxide. Complete filing and planishing r/h front wing. With 40 grit grinding disc clean over top surfaces to bright metal. Remove l/h front wing, disc/file edges to shape, file planish exterior front and rear sections. Commence cleaning inside surface, paint with red oxide primer. Refit r/h rear wing, drill mounting holes required. Mark running board length and trim, refit. Mark position for bracket and drill and weld into place. Modify bracket to suit wing and running board.

20th October 1992.

7 hours.

Remove r/h running board beading. Heat and remove corroded steel studs from groove, clean groove to accept new studs. Make from steel strip new fastening studs, silver solder threads to plates to fit channel of beading. File beading to remove pits and damage finish with graded paper to bright polish condition.

21st October 1992.

10 hours.

Position and spot weld running board to rear wing bracket, clean up weld. On bench straighten top surface of running board, file and planish, disc off with 40 grit to bright metal. Rotary wire brush pitted areas. Clean off to bright metal inside surface and paint with red oxide primer. Remove filler from l/h rear door lower frame and prepare for leading. Remove filler from r/h rear door surface for leading. Prepare surface for leading l/h front door lower frame. With 40 grit cla? Over r/h front door to bright metal, prepare corner section for leading. With hammer and block tidy/strength extreme edges all doors, file off rough areas.

22nd October 1992.

9 1/2 hours.

Lead load all doors, reshape as required. Clean up worked areas and prepare r/h front and l/h rear doors for filing. With hammer and spoon reshape l/h rear door skin, hammer out panning ..reds?, OA over both doors. Mix filler and apply coat to door skins. Disc off and smooth over with 40 grit paper. Refill where required to gain shape.

23rd October 1992

8 1/2 hours

Weld up split R/H rear door skin moulding area, file clean off, hammer and shape exterior edges. Da off etch primer, mix filler and apply to door skin, shape with body file and reapply filler as required, sand off to complete skin. Reapply filler to L/H rear and R/H front to door to complete, sand over for final surface.

Invoice 7th Sept to 23rd October

Nick 129 hrs @ £18 per hour    £2322.00

John 151 hrs @ £18 per hour    £2718.00

MATERIALS                       £521.63

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