At this time Anthony had to change restorers, he explained what happened in this email message to me:

“The matter of two restorers is easy - Barry Simpson went into liquidation in 1991 and my Aprilia was only 2/3 finished and as I was living in Hong Kong at the time, I was very worried about creditors ransacking the workshops and taking anything that came to light. I contacted one John Goulstone, who was a senior employee at Barry Simpson at the time of liquidation and I asked him if he would take on and finish the rebuild as by now, he was unemployed. He leapt at the chance and some money changed hands to allow him to set up with a barn/workshop near to his residence and he then moved the Aprilia into that secure barn with many of the parts that were legitimately mine - we lost a few things along the way!! - and he then started up on his own and is still in business today”.

So far I’ve established the parts that went missing were:

•Steering wheel

•Horn push

•Window winder handles

•One door handle

•Dashboard switches

•Headlamp reflectors, rims & glass

•Tail light

•Boot handle

•Number plate light

•Air filter




9 January 1992

Invoice 05

Aprilia Restoration Note - 12

     -     Rust is the enemy -

From 29th December 1991 the restoration was continued by

John Goulstone Body Repairs

The Old Chapel

Church Road

North Newton

Bridgwater TA7 0BG


Invoice 5

29 December 1991 to 9 January 1992

Sunday 29th December

9.0 hours

Mount offside front wing in clamps and reset broken arch so splits and cracks match thus giving original arch curvature. Fabricate repair section to form top of arch wheeling in double curve to match wing contours.

Thursday 2nd January 1992

9.0 hours

Lay repair section on wing and mark out cut line. Remove inner arch lip reinforcement panel back to good sound metal and remove rusted wire that strengthens arch edge. Cut out new galvanised wire and weld into place.

Friday 3rd January

9.0 hours

Using repair panel as a guide to original arch shape, re-clamp wing to ensure correct shape and weld in panel-beating into shape of wing as repair progresses. Wheel arch return line into repair panel and roll to form rolled wired edge. Check and adjust wing longitudinal line.

Tuesday 7th January

9.0 hours

Cut away outer section of panel at rear of wing where corrosion has ruined metal. Make up new outer repair panel with double and reverse curves to match original by wheeling. Weld in new section of wire strengthener and weld in repair panel.

Wednesday 8th January

3.0 hours.

Make up top section of rear of wing (O.S.F) by welding metal to correct curvature and contour. Rim through swaging wheels to fit inner mounting shape to panel. Trim off excess.

I estimate that to finish offside front wing will take approximately 2 further days and will be at a stage ready for painter’s stopper.


48 hours @ £18 per hour        £864.00

MATERIALS.                      £34.00

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