Lots of panel work on the body around the windscreen and boot area, plus the boot lid and doors. On the picture to the right you can clearly see were the new section has been welded on, both rear doors have the same repair.

Make a note of the “Slosh” fuel tank sealant, this causes a large problem two years later!

At this point Simpson’s went bankrupt...




9 August 1991

Invoice 1621

Aprilia Restoration Note - 11

     -     Rust is the enemy -

Wash body off with thinners and apply coat on Jenolite.

Pack up door components.

Cut away corrosion around lower edge of front windscreen.

Fabricate repair panels, shape and fit new section in position.

“Tack weld” and try windscreen frame in position.

Seam weld and clean up welds – primer paint.

Weld splits on off side sill top panel and clean area to bright metal – tin and lead load, file and shape.

Realign from engine bay panels to match radiator surround and weld up splits in panels.

Remove off side bonnet catch mechanism.

Planish and shape 8 door hinge panels.

Bead blast hinges and plates.

Cut out rust around boot/window apertures and repair.

Make up boot/aperture top lip and weld into position as originally manufactured.

Weld plate in rear end of roof to quarter panel joint.

Weld up rear roof weatherstrip fixing holes and clean up welds and planish panel and lead load, file and shape.

Lead load repairs around near side window/boot area.

Clean down repairs.

Detach boot inner panel from outer skin and bead blast outer skin on both sides.

Weld up remaining splits and holes in bodywork and lead load.

Paint 8 hinge blocks and cappings and grease up hinge balls.

Tin near side top sill and lead load to shape.

Make up panel for boot lid inner skin.

Wheel shapes and swage in depression for hinge, reinforcement panels and wheel in strengthen ribs.

Offer up panel and weld to hinges.

Cut holes to match outer skin for number plate, lamp and handle.

Remove handle spacer from old panel and fit new.

Cut away corrosion on outer skin at lower and side edges.

Make and weld in position new sections.

Planish, wheel and file panel – fit handle hole.

Primer paint.

Cut away lower section of rear near side door skin and frame affected by corrosion.

Offer panel to aperture and make new sections – weld to existing outer skin.

Clean up weld and planish.

Fit inner frame repair panel to door.

Spot weld where required on lower edges.

Adjust  lower edge to match sill.

Fit hinges and try door to car and adjust to fit.

Make repairs to front near side doors as described above.

Apply “Slosh” tank sealant in fuel tank.


111 hours @ £20.35            £2258.85


1 ltr stone chip                 £5.14

1 roll masking tape 1”.          £0.72

1 roll masking tape 2”.          £2.10

4’ plastic masking.              £4.60

2 ltrs degreaser.                £4.50

8 sticks of body solder.        £49.12

1 pot solder paste.              £8.63

1/2 ltr red oxide.               £3.34

12” x 2” x 18 swg steel sheet.   £1.20

10 x 1/16” welding rods.         £3.30

1 strip and clean disc.          £4.04

5 x 36 grit grinding discs.      £2.35

2 grinding wheels.               £4.44

1 mule skinner.                  £7.00

1 x 1/16” brass rod.             £0.98

1 x 8” resinite disc.           £20.80

4’ x 4’ 20 swg steel sheet.     £13.20

1 ltr “slosh” tank sealant.     £13.20

2 ltrs paint stripper.           £8.66


Strip clean and overhaul carbs. £76.38

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