The first report from Simpsons was not good! But this was just a small hint of what was to follow. The picture on the right is the only one of the car I have prior to restoration.


2 October 1990

2 October 1990


Barry Simpson Restorations Ltd.


Re: Lancia Aprilia


The corrosion is extensive and the main points are as follows;


Off side floor eaten away and has been badly repaired. It requires new floor section and sills re made to the correct pattern.

The near side floor has been extensively patched and has corroded through at the joint with the sill.

The rear chassis “DOG LEG” is corroded on both sides.

The off side front floor requires welding to undertray and the boot floor will have to be cut out and a proper repair carried out.

The car has “SAGGED” in the middle and requires rectification when welding the floors.


Would require a complete brake overhaul.

The track rod and drag link bushes to be replaced.

Axle beam securing bolt, broken in.

King pins worn.

New exhaust system required.

Windscreen wiper link bar requires repairing.

Door lock and window regulators require attention.

Bead blast and stove enamel wheels (cream) and fit four new tyres.

New windscreen washer jets.


Requires new wiring loom.

It would be possible to convert to (12v) volt system but it would involve modifications to dynamo, starter motor etc...


Door hinge pins badly worn.

Front floor draught excluders require fitting. (Perspex at present).

Front seats are insecure.

Rear windows require new rubbers.

Rear headlining requires repairs.

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