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Oils Ain’t Oils

What I Feed 1070.

(Updated 19/03/2020)

There is always someone asking what oils & fluids should I put in my Aprilia. After 13 years of running this is what I've found to work, however things do change depending on experience and recommendations.

Engine Oil:    

Penrite Premuim Mineral 15W-40. Capacity is 4.55 litres

1070 has a spin on oil filter adaptor that has replaced the Semundat Auto-Klean system. 1070 has never used any oil, except from a leak, and is changed once a year along with the oil filter.


Unleaded 91 RON. Capacity 50 litres

1070's engine has hardened valve seats and does not need any extra fuel treatments. Beware of any ethanol blends, they will destroy the carburettor, fuel pump, fuel lines and eventually rust the fuel tank. Luckily here in Victoria ULR is everywhere, in New South Wales they have a high proportion of ethanol pumps, be very careful when you fill up.

Gear Box:

Penrite ProGear 75w-90. Capacity 700ml

This is a fully synthetic 75W-90 oil. When I first got the car selecting 2nd gear was very difficult, changing the oil to Sin 75 (now ProGear) made a huge difference. Bill Smith said it has much better anti-scuff properties which should make for longer gear life. 1st gear is a bit problematic in Aprilias and very expensive to replace. Check the level regularly and replace every 3 years.


Penrite Gear Oil 140 (mineral) Similar to the original Lancia 140EP specification. Help keeps the diff quiet and lessens leaks along the pinion shaft!

Steering Box:

Penrite Gear Oil 140. Capacity 300ml

There are rumours of Aprilias with steering boxes that have never been checked in 50 years and probably run dry, not something to be recommended!

Front Suspension:

Top damper section; 30W mono grade engine oil. Bottom 50W mono engine oil. Capacity 570ml

For the bottom spring section anything heavy should work, I have some older 50W oil on the shelf. Lighter oils will splash out the top of the unit. Check both levels every 1000 kms.

Rear Shock Absorbers: (Andre Hydro-Telecontrol H.C/2)

70% distilled water mixed with 30% glycerine.

This is for Andre Hydro-Telecontrol units, for later models with Siata or Houdaille's check the manual. Depending on the load I run the pressure between 75 and 100psi.



For cars fitted with Lockheed/Marelli brakes any good quality Dot 4 brake fluid. Check the level in the brake reservoir regularly.


Demineralised or distilled water with Red Line Water Wetter. Capacity 6.8 litres

Bill Smith's investigation into corrosion in Lambda engine blocks is also relevant to Aprilia engines. The alloy block with cast iron liners and the cast iron head can lead to major corrosion issues, made worse using modern anti-freeze in a non-pressurised system. His recommendation is to use only demineralised or distilled water and the correct proportion of Red Line Water Wetter, in our case 200ml per fill. In Australia the issue of a frozen radiator is very rarely encountered, draining the radiator is the best solution if you think you might encounter freezing conditions.

Spark Plugs:

Bosch W7AC


Drive shafts - Castrol Spheerol LMM. A molybdenum disulphide grease that sticks.

For all other applications - Castrol HTB2 high temperature bearing grease.


Red Line Oils  (The easiest place to find Red Line products in Australia is on eBay.)