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Lancia Aprilia - 1070

1937 Tipo 238 1st Series Berlina.

A Short History of 1070


          Built by Lancia & C. Fabbrica Automobili, Torino S.A. Italy.

          Construction no. 1070. Chassis no. 38-2046.

          Delivered from factory July 7, 1937


          One of approximately 400 imported to the UK.

          First registered in England, June 14, 1938. UK reg no. EYT 171.

          Original owner?

1938 - 1974?

1974 - 1977

          Owned by Graham Beasley, Margate, Kent, UK

1982 - ?

          Owned by David Temple, The Mill Estate, Acton Lane, London


          Purchased from Paladin Jaguar, Reigate by Anthony Dady,       

          Brighton, Sussex, England.

1990 – 1993

          Restored by Barry Simpson Restorations Ltd.

          and John Goulstone Body Repairs.

2006 - present

          Imported from UK, arrived late December.

          One of only 32 Lancia Aprilias ever bought in to Australia.

          Current registration no. AP 038 (Victoria)

Thanks to Paul Mayo for some additional information.



Tipo 97.

4 cylinder narrow “V” aluminium monobloc, cast iron bores with single overhead camshaft, hemispherical combustion chambers, cylinders staggered at 18°6’40”.

Bore x stroke         72 mm x 83 mm.

Capacity                1352cc

Max bhp                47@4000rpm (35kw)

Compression ratio 5.75:1

Zenith 36VI-2 single downdraught carburettor*.


Dry single plate clutch.

Four speed forward and reverse, with silent third.

Gleason hypoid-bevel gear final drive.


Four-door pillarless saloon of unitary construction.

Front suspension: Lancia patented independent sliding pillars.

Rear suspension: Independent with semi-elliptic transverse leaf spring, torsion bars, short trailing arms, Andre Hydro-Telecontrol shock absorbers*.

Lockheed hydraulic four wheel drum brakes.


Wheelbase                         2750 mm

Track front & rear               1286 mm

Length x width x height     3995 x 1500 x 1455 mm

Kerb weight                       880 kg


Top speed       125 km/h

Consumption     10L/100 km

(*Lancia England fitted components)

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Lancia Aprilia Blog

Day to day repairs, journeys and other stuff.

1070 History

What I know so far.

On The Road

Travels of 1070.

“Oils Ain’t Oils”

What 1070 gets feed.


2008 - 2009 - 2012. The broken clutch.

*Disclaimer. Before anyone reads these sections I should point out a couple of things. Firstly, prior to getting my Aprilia I had no mechanical knowledge of them at all, in fact I have had very little experience and no training in any automotive mechanics, so what I have written is based purely on my own observations and should in no way be taken to be correct. Secondly, my car had had very little use for a few years before it came out to Australia and then sat here for some months, so many of the issues have been caused by that lack of use and running.

Rear End Rebuild*

2009. The “Propelling Group & Rear Suspension” mechanical repairs.


2010. Tall tales and true.

Front Suspension*

2008/2011 - 2012

A few repairs and a general description of what goes on in there

Differential rebuild Mk2*

2011. Got it wrong the first time!

Metron Speedometer

Another 3 year mystery solved.


2012. Sound, heat and window glass issues

Engine bottom end

2013. A look inside.

Alberi e giunti

comando ruote posteriori*

2014. Lancia drive shafts.

Restoration in the UK

October 1990  - May 1993

Steering &

Front Suspension*

2016. Alignment & leak fixes

Camshaft & Rockers*

2016. Regrinds and new valve timing.

Engine Rebuild, pt.1*

2018. Dismantle, check & measure

Engine Rebuild, pt. 2*

2018. Progress!

Engine Rebuild, pt. 3*

2019 - 2020. No balance.

Rear Mains Seal*

2019 - 2020. Leaks.