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Australian Lancia Register - Tasmania, Adventure Into The West.

23 - 28 October 2017

After the Castlemaine 24 Rally about 70 adventurous Lancisti in 30 odd cars took the plunge to cross Bass Strait and have a drive around Tasmania. Brilliantly organised by Chris and Geraldine Edwards with a great road book the majority spent an excellent 5 days exploring the sights of the western parts and Hobart.

I had the Californian ships navigator Jeff Hill as passenger/co-driver for the trip.

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Monday - Stage One: Across Bass Strait

Jeff and I left Castlemaine after another Saffs breakfast and headed down to Don Hume's for lunch and a tour of his amazing business, Vertch Hume. Avoiding peak hour we arrived at Port Melbourne in time for a stroll and chat before boarding the Spirit Of Tasmania I and the overnight trip across Bass Strait.

Took my sea sickness tablet but the water was smooth and flat.

Tuesday - Stage Two: Collections & Cradle.

We disembarked at Devonport around 7am and meet up around the corner, so far we were all there.  First stop was the House of Anvers for breakfast, then on to the first car collection Chris had arranged for us to see. This was Chas Kelly's amazing house and car barn, see the photos section to get an idea of what was there.

Later we visited part of another collectors cars in storage , just a few Ferraris, Jaguars, Porsches etc. Exiting Devonport we headed south to lunch at Sheffield before the first of the challenging Targa road sections along the Cethana Road. I let Jeff take the drivers seat after Sheffield but I'd have to say he never came to terms with the Aprilia's non-synchro gearbox, clutch, brakes and engine rev limit!

We eventually made it to Cradle Mountain and the Cradle Mountain Hotel, the place to rest our heads for the night.

Wednesday - Stage Three: The Wild West.

Up early to wipe the frost off the Aprilia and take the short drive to the Dove Lake car park and a two hour walk around the spectacular Dove Lake before a late breakfast back at the hotel.

With Jeff relegated to navigator duties we took the A10 to Tullah & Rosebery and our lunch stop at Zeehan. Here we spent an enjoyable hour at the West Coast Heritage Centre then onto  Strahan for the next two nights.

Thursday - Stage Four: The Edge of Wilderness.

The day started with a wilderness cruise on Macquarie Harbour , the Gordon River and Sarah Island aboard the Lady Jane Franklin II.

The afternoon was spent on the Westcoast Wilderness Railway behind a steam locomotive Mt Lyell No.5 on a section of the reconstructed Mt Lyell Mining and Railway Company railway, we didn't have time to do the rack section but the journey was great fun.

Friday - Stage Five: Targa and The Wall

Up a longer day of driving including the Queenstown Targa stage featuring 99 bends. In the Aprilia lot's of 2nd and 3rd  gear corners, then on to Derwent Bridge and time to visit the amazing Wall.

The afternoon we streamed on down to Hobart for a well deserved nights rest after our farewell dinner.

Saturday - Stage Six: Display Day & Salamanca

We had been invited to display our Lancias with the Club Motori Italia of Tasmania on the lawns of the Tasmanian Parliament House. This required some early morning washing and polishing to get rid of a weeks worth of dust and bugs, I think we did reasonably well...

Time was available to browse among Salamanca Market stalls before I had to head north to catch the boat back to Melbourne.


The Aprilia did a combined total of 1775 Km for the Castlemaine and Tassie rallies. She stuck to her normal 10l/100km fuel economy, used a litre of oil and no water.

However, all did not go well! Early on she had annoying oil leak from the oil filter adaptor connection, plus there was constant clunk from the rear suspension, the starter motor started to give trouble in Queenstown and the engine had a constant ticking noise.

I have two years to fix all of these, plus many other minor and major improvements need to be done.

Click to see my Tassie photo collection

Spirit Of Tasmania I - Port Melbourne, Victoria.

Ferrari F40 - Chas Kelly collection.

Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain - Tasmania

West Coast Heritage Centre, Zeehan - Tasmania

Lancia Mob, The Wall - Derwent Bridge

Washing & Polishing. Paul Tulis & Chris Long!