ALR Christmas 2016

Sunday December 4th was the Australian Lancia Registers’ Christmas Run and AGM. Organised by Rob and Mark Alsop the destination was Mark & Sue McKibbin’s lovely property in South Gippsland.

This was the Little Blue Car’s first decent outing since the camshaft & rocker gear work see:  We meet at the popular Olive at Loch café, surprisingly in Loch, just off the South Gippsland Highway for a 10am coffee, breakfast and/or morning tea for the long distance travellers and late morning risers.

Everyone seemed to make it to the start with no dramas. Armed with instructions and a map we left Loch just after 11 for the 70 odd kilometre drive through the rolling hills of the once dense forested Strezeleckis, now green with grass for dairy cattle. Crossing the South Gippsland Hwy we headed north to Poowong before taking a right turn towards Ranceby, then left on the C425 (Warragul-Korrumbura Road). With the Bondini B20 leading the way 1070 had no trouble keeping up. After we turned right at Ellinbank I got a little confused as we seemed to deviate a little from the map I had, however we eventually found our way to the McKibbin’s property on time.

Before lunch we had the grand tour of Mark’s garage and his eclectic collection of cars. A 1909 Sizaire et Naudin Mono Cylinder, actually there were two with one only recently arrived, the eBay Austin 7 and his wonderful 1913 Ettore Bugatti designed Peugeot Type TTY Bébé – more can be found about it on Mark’s website: His Lancia Lambda was still on the boat returning from it’s adventures around Europe.

Peugeot Bebe video

A picnic lunch was had on the verandah, where Mark was a little disappointed no one used his BBQ as he had spent a considerable time giving it a special clean but it was a very warm summers day. We had the traditional no fuss ALR AGM presided over by President Robert Bienvenu, timed at 9 minutes! and then on home.

1070 went well, although with a 30 degree day the windows were wound down and she was a little noisy. A quick inspection once home and a couple of things were found, the banjo fitting for the fuel line to the carburettor was a little loose and leaking, and the front left suspension has lost oil its damping oil, again! Oh and another Aprilia gearbox had appeared in the front passenger foot well…


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