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Instrument Switches

When I got 1070 the instruments switches were not the originals, I believe they were amongst the items lost during the UK restoration when the first company went bankrupt, so they had substituted these.

Non original switches with my labels!

Non original switches. The labels were to help Ben when he drove the car in 2013!

Earlier this year another Aprilia owner kindly donated two of the push button ones and a back panel they are all fixed to. Then, inspired by Andrew’s comment that my trafficator switch was fitted upside down and ergonomically inferior, I asked our friends at Cavalitto if the had any of the top type. They do, a nice modern reproduction.

Instrument switches-002

Bottom push button switch

Switches from cavalitto

Reproduction switches from Cavalitto.

Now the wiring under the dashboard is not exactly in the neatest condition. With extra wires for two flasher cans, a buzzer circuit for the indicators, some extra earth connections and a high beam relay not helping. The ideal solution would be to pull the dashboard off and sort it out, but I have a friend dropping by later in the week and every time he’s been the Aprilia was in bits and he’d never had the chance of a drive, so the for the time being I just fitted the new switches.

Instrument switches-008

It’s actually worse than it looks…

I rearranged them in close to the original positions, well sort of! Power to my fuel gauge is hard wired, it should go through a push and hold switch (1) and the high beam is switched via the top right switch (6), should be on the headlamp switch circuit with the ignition key(4), see the drawing for the correct locations and the following photo for my layout.

Page -011

New switches. Top left wipers, top right high beam, bottom left dash lights, bottom right interior lights

New switches. Top left wipers, top right high beam, bottom left dash lights, bottom right interior lights

So despite the wiring mess they worked and look much better than the others. Next project is to replace the front wheel cylinders and re-line the front brake shoes.


Spare wheel retaining strap

The Aprilia came with a tatty modern strap for the spare wheel. Armed with some dimensions and a drawing a visit to my local saddlery, Great Southern Saddlery in Leongatha and a week later Graeme had made two, for just $48 ea.

He now has an order for three Aurelia B20 leather straps.

New leather spare wheel retaining strap

New leather spare wheel retaining strap

Old spare wheel strap.

Old spare wheel strap.