Daily Archives: March 12, 2015

Summer fixes.

Not much has happened over the summer, the Aprilia has only had a few short outings and a few tweaks have been done.

Front Suspension Oil. The front left suspensions has a small ‘clunk’ if you grab the wheel and move it in and out. I had replaced the inner bush a few years back that fixed most of the problem but there was still a bit of a noise. This time I checked the wheel bearings, both were fine, them removed the bottom section with the spring to check if the bottom plug was worn, no problem there.

Taking off the bottom plug meant the oil from the top damper section needed to be refiled and any air forced out. I’d always used a 30W oil, recommended by someone in the past, but the manual and long term owners said just use engine oil, in this case 15W-40 mineral. Now the front end had always been a bit ‘light’ and not tracked that well, especially with just the driver. The heavier oil has transformed the whole thing! She sits on the road much better, handles bumps and dips and the steering has improved as well, R.T.F.M.!

Hand Pressure regulator. Another problem was the hand pressure regulator for the André Hydro Tele-Control rear shock absorbers gradually seized. The fix was simply to disassemble the unit and give it a through clean. For the fluid I’d always used the recommended mix of 70% water and 30% glycerine, however over the years the glycerine had gummed up the thread on the adjuster and the little ball valve on the bottom of the reservoir. Taking further advice we realised the glycerine is only there as an anti-freeze, something not really needed in my part of the universe, so from now on I will just top it up with distilled water.

Hand pressure regulator

Hand pressure regulator, after it had been cleaned.

AH adjuster

Inlet manifold drain. If you look at the TAV of the manifold you can see where I’ve circled there should be a drain at the bottom. This has always had brass plug. I had a 38-5209 but was missing a 38-5212 and the correct 4 mm copper tubing. Andrew provided a 38-5212 and I bought some tubing, bent and cut it to length and is now fitted. Most times when the engine is shut off a small dribble of petrol comes out the tube and there doesn’t seem to be any problems with engine performance, I’ll leave it connected for a while and see what happens.



Drain fitted to inlet manifold. Next time I’m under the car I’ll try to remember to get a better photo!

Accelerator Pedal Roller (38-63548). Lastly amongst a collection of Aprilia bits we bought from the UK was nos accelerator pedal roller. The old one had seized and worn badly on one side, the new one rotates freely and looks nice!

Old roller

Old accelerator roller.

new roller

New accelerator roller.