FCA Heritage Lancia Aprilia restoration

Just to let you know I’m still here! Things have been quiet on the Lancia front over the last few months so I thought I’d steal this from the FCA Heritage site, they have actually restored a Lancia Aprilia!


The model appears to be an early 1st series the same as 1070, with the same front suspension & Lockheed brakes.

Having a close look at the photographs the workmanship on the body looks excellent, there is not much in the way of interior detail, only photos during the restoration.

Of course it’s always fun to find parts that are not original to that model. The tipo 439 stamped on the radiator plate and the rocker cover stay bracket indicate it’s clearly is from a 2nd series platform chassis.

The steering wheel is 2nd series and the differential looks like an early version but has the later pinion shaft housing, odd?

As mentioned the car was entered in the 2017 Mille Miglia. It’s listed as a 1350cc 1939 model, which looking at the body it clearly isn’t. They did finish, way down the order in 365th position, the leading Aprilia of Rossi & Bertocchi finished 52nd. Having a close look at MM photo below and spotting the red tape around the driver’s side doors they obviously have the traditional “Aprilia door opening at an inconvenient time” problem, still at bit of tweaking to be done!


(It has also been pointed out the engine featured on the dyno in the restoration photos is a 2nd series!)

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