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On The Front Cover

Front cover

Look who is on the cover of the latest Australian Lancia Register magazine!

Jeff Hill’s award winning photograph from the last Castlemaine Rally and Tour.

It is with great pleasure I announce the winner of the Castlemaine 23 Rally and the Mountain to Surf Tour Photo Competition. Whilst many entries were received, Jeff Hill’s photo of “mingling around an Aprilia” captured the spirit of Castlemaine, the add on Tour and the Australian Lancia Register, which might be described as follows; “Of like-minded people getting together, helping each other.” The fact that all the chaps are colour co-ordinated with the car is a bonus.The photo is of Noel Macwhirter’s Aprilia being admired/discussed by, from the left, Neil Pering (owner of a 2nd series Aprilia), Andrew Cox (owner of a 1st series Aprilia), Ben Courage (owner of a 1st series Aprilia), Paul Tullius, Steve Peterson, John Brenan and Noel Macwhirter (of course the owner of this Aprilia). The chaps are looking serious, hence the caption.

Just to clear things up there was nothing wrong with 1070, we were just having a chat over our early morning coffee at Apollo Bay. And what a fine bunch of bearded, grey haired old buggers we all are!